TRANSGENDER woman and broadcaster India Willoughby has said that “nobody is coming to the rescue” of the trans community apart from Nicola Sturgeon.

It comes as the row over the UK Government’s decision to block the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill from becoming law grows and a judicial review looms.

Both Alister Jack and Kemi Badenoch have snubbed invitations to give evidence to Scottish Parliament committees on the reasoning behind the decision.

Willoughby was the UK’s first trans newsreader and has previously appeared on Celebrity Big Brother.

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The National:

In an interview with The Herald, she said that Scotland was “head and shoulders above England” in terms of progressive policies.

Scotland’s First Minister has previously accused critics of Holyrood’s gender reforms of using the debates to “cloak” their transphobia, misogyny and racism.

The Scottish Government has previously said it will do “everything” to defend the legislation.

The UK Government meanwhile has cited the potential impact of the reforms on projections contained in UK-wide equalities law.

On Sturgeon, Willoughby added: “When it comes to the bigots, the scary thing is that for trans people nobody is coming to our rescue apart from Nicola Sturgeon.”

The legislation was backed by the vast majority of MSPs although Keir Starmer has signalled he will take direct control over Scottish Labour’s position on gender reform as it has become a “UK-wide issue”.

Willoughby referred to him as “Brutus” and, as Stephen Flynn previously said at PMQs, she accused the Conservative Party of trying to stoke a “culture war”.

She continued: “It’s a really hard sell what she’s done because we’re such a small minority.

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“It’s remarkable for anyone to even give us 10 minutes of their time. But the best countries look out for the most vulnerable.”

She continued: “To me, Scotland has shown itself head and shoulders above England in terms of being progressive.

“England is hurtling back to the 1950s. The nightmare scenario would be the UK Government beating the Scottish Government in court.

“Things would just get much worse. If Scotland ever becomes independent, I promise – I’m moving north.”

Willoughby also spoke extensively about the treatment of trans people by the UK Government and media, saying that she believes somebody is “going to die before this comes to a head”.