AT The National, our aim is to keep our readers informed and equipped with all the latest information surrounding Scottish politics.

Today's edition of The National will include a Brexit Special Edition spread and Lights On poster – ahead of a major Lights On rally to mark Brexit Day.

Time for Scotland, spearheaded by Lesley Riddoch, will be holding the event and full information, including how to buy your torch, is available here.

The special edition pull-out will include exclusive articles from Catalan and Corsican MEPs; an in-depth interview with MP Alyn Smith; analysis of Brexit’s effect on Scottish business and culture sectors; a list of reasons Europe wants to welcome Scotland back from Europe for Scotland; an insight from Josh Traynor into European politics and views of Scotland; and Brexit graphs from our politcal reporters.

Additionally, our editor Laura Webster and reporter Xander Richards will be doing a livestream to discuss the harsh impacts of Brexit and comb through the data.

Our in depth interview with Alyn Smith MP will dive into why he "can do Europe like no one else can" in his new role at Westminster and we will get insight into conversations where European presidents shared their "profound interest in self-determination" to a young Scot.

The Lights On poster is being printed to go alongside the January 31 rally and torch-lit procession to the Scottish Parliament where the rally is being held.

Those with digital subscriptions can get access to an online version of the full newspaper using the "Digital Edition" feature, and print a version of the poster at home.

Scots who want to send a clear message on our place in Europe are being urged to visit the Time for Scotland website and register for a torch to make themselves seen.

Pointing to minister Alister Jack’s claim that Scots don’t care about Brexit, Riddoch said: “The only way for Yessers to correct this ‘apathy’ narrative is to come to the Time for Scotland procession and rally in Holyrood Park and