THE Scottish Conservatives have called out Stirling Council after the authority’s official Twitter account “liked” a post with the hashtag “Never Trust a Tory”.

Roz McCall, a Scots Tory who became an MSP in September without having to stand for election, hit out at the council after spotting it had liked a post from SNP councillor Gerry McLaughlan.

McLaughlan had written: “The Stirling Tories campaign for the local council by-election by attacking the performance of @StirlingCouncil.

“That would be the council that is headed up by their Tory Provost!! You couldn’t make it up, they don’t even trust themselves #NeverTrustATory”

Stirling Council is led by a minority Labour administration, despite the party being the third largest group on the authority.

After negotiations in the wake of the 2022 local elections, Labour handed the Tories the provost role in exchange for their support in taking over the council administration. The SNP, then the council’s largest group, were locked out of power.

The SNP group now equals the Tories’ with seven seats after Councillor Graham Houston passed away in December. A by-election to the Dunblane and Bridge of Allan will be held to replace him.

After spotting the Stirling Council’s “liked” post, McCall wrote: “What is going on @StirlingCouncil?

“The official page of the council ‘liking’ SNP councillor tweets about campaigning in the same local authority area during a by-election (or at any other time) is a disgrace.”

McCall’s post has been reshared by the local Conservative and Unionist branch as well as her fellow MSP Murdo Fraser.

The council has since removed the "like" from the SNP post.

Stirling Council said it was "obviously done in error and has now been undone".