A GLASGOW film company is to produce a biopic of the Clutha helicopter tragedy after attracting international attention with an award-winning screenplay.

Heel Films announced Mr D: A Clutha Survivor Story as its “biggest short film project yet” and is now planning a fundraiser in Castlemilk to help with production costs.

In November 2013, a police helicopter crashed into the Clutha Bar, killing all three crew and seven patrons of the pub, and injuring 31 more.

The film is the story of Jim Duncan, known as Mr D, who was drinking at the city centre pub as part of a birthday celebration when the tragedy happened.

Written by his daughter, Susan Sims, it is based on the stories Jim told her in the aftermath of the accident.

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Heel Films founder Scott McMillan, who is from Clydebank, explained: “Susan wrote the script less than six months after her father sadly passed away in May 2018.

“The film will be a biopic based on stories that he told Susan numerous times of his eyewitness accounts of the night that tragically rocked Glasgow forever.”

The short film has been in planning since 2018, but was put on hold because of the pandemic. Scott and Susan worked together on another Heel Films project, The Bridge, in 2022.

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“Over the course of the last few months, we have both received approval for the script by Alan Crossan at The Clutha Trust, to make sure everything is in line with the ideals of the pub, charity and survivors of this tragedy,” said Scott.

“The screenplay has also been entered into numerous film festivals around the world and we are happy to announce it has won awards across the board.”

The screenplay picked up best short script awards at the Subathra, Santa Dev, Lotus and Rohip International film festivals, and best drama screenplay at the Sofia Art Film Awards.

Heel Films is now hoping to raise funds to cover production costs and also plans to hold a screening night at the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT), with all proceeds going to The Clutha Trust.

A comedy night will take place on February 25 at the Netherholm Community Centre in Castlemilk – check Heel Films’ Facebook page for more information.