BREXIT, the NHS, a de facto referendum on Scottish independence. These are some of the key issues defining Scotland’s – and the UK’s – political landscape.

But rather than listen on as politicians trade blows and point fingers, The National wanted to find out what people in Scotland were actually thinking.

Does the Tories’ rhetoric about the NHS crisis being entirely the fault of the Scottish Government reflect the views of people in Scotland?

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Do Scots think the BBC has been accurately reporting on the impacts of Brexit?

Have we all just forgotten about the scandal that surrounded Prince Andrew not one year ago?

And (of course) how would Scotland vote in a second independence referendum?

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In an effort to find some answers, The National has commissioned Find Out Now – a member of the Sir John Curtice (above) led British Polling Council – to get out there and ask.

Over the course of the next week – starting from TODAY – on top of revealing what we’ve learned about how Scotland thinks, we’ll be bringing you insightful opinion and analysis from some of the country’s top experts to get to the bottom of why.

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