THE historic St Rule's tower will once again be accessible to visitors.

Located in St Andrews, it had undergone essential masonry work amid the threat of accelerating climate change.

St Rule’s Tower is the latest historic site to reopen, following the inspections through the High-Level Masonry Programme, run by Historic Environmental Scotland (HES) to assess the effects of climate change on historic landmarks.

Craig Mearns, director of operations at HES, said: “I am delighted to announce the reopening of St Rule’s Tower at St Andrews Cathedral following essential restrictions that were put in place for high-level masonry inspections and subsequent repairs.”

Inspecting the scale of deterioration caused by several other factors, including the materials used in the building’s construction, its age and physical location, HES has undertaken inspections on 25 sites across Scotland since May, with a further 13 on the agenda for 2023.

Mearns said: “We know how important it is to be able to offer visitors the opportunity to visit and engage with these historical sites and we are working as quickly as we can to carry out these necessary inspections.

"It’s wonderful to open these doors and once again be able to look out across St Andrews from the highest point in town.”