A MASS rally has been called to protect the right to strike from a “vicious” piece of Tory legislation.

The Scottish Trade Unions Congress (STUC) have revealed plans for a major protest against the UK Government’s anti-strike bill, as part of a national day of action from the TUC.

The Tory plans for minimum service levels would allow bosses to legally fire staff who ignore a “work notice” ordering them to work during industrial action – and have been compared to “conscription” by the RMT’s Mick Lynch.

The National: Mick Lynch attends TSSA meeting

February 1 will mark a key day in the fight back against the proposals, with rail unions, civil service workers and education unions all going on strike in one of the largest strike days of recent memory.

The STUC will host party political leaders, striking workers and union representatives from across various sectors at their rally, taking place at Glasgow’s Trades Hall from 7pm on the day.

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Roz Foyer, the STUC’s general secretary, said: “This is yet another vicious piece of Tory legislation designed to put workers back in their box and strip us of our right to bargain for a better future.”

She went on: “Our entire movement is united. We’re taking co-ordinated action on February 1st in one of the biggest mobilisations seen in the UK for generations.

“This Tory attack cannot be allowed to pass unchecked and workers the length and breadth of the UK will be standing together in protecting our human right to withdraw our labour.”

Meanwhile, the TUC’s general secretary Paul Nowak said the “draconian” restrictions on the right to strike will be fought “every step of the way” – in both Parliament and in the courts.

For more information on the rally, and what else you can do to show opposition to the Tory plans, visit this link.