The National:

IT might be a little bit early to start celebrating Easter, but that hasn’t stopped one chippy from getting the chocolate into the deep fat fryer. 

Everyone in Scotland will have heard of a deep fried Mars bar, maybe even a deep fried Snickers, but this is the first The Jouker has seen of a deep fried Creme Egg.

Aldo’s Fish & Chips, based in Ayr, posted the bizarre creation on their Facebook page with the caption: “It’s back, deep fried Creme Egg! It’s only 81 days till Easter.”

One Facebook user seemed to capture the mood perfectly, saying they were “kinda intrigued, kinda grossed out”.

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Another was keen to find out everyone else’s thoughts before taking a chance on the new delicacy, asking: “Who has tried these and is it good. I have loved creme eggs for 60 years at least.”

When the chippy launched the Creme Eggs last year, one person commented: "Oh no Aldo's you've done it now!!"

Deep frying food is of course nothing new, with Scottish Youtuber Darren “Dazza” Dowling dedicating an entire channel to the highly regarded culinary art form.

He runs a series called Does It Fry, with his last video seeing him deep fry a Five Guys wrap. 

The National: The deep fried Creme Egg has divided opinionThe deep fried Creme Egg has divided opinion (Image: Aldo's Fish and Chips/Facebook)

Other entries in the series have seen him discover what a Chinese takeaway, a Big Mac and a Pot Noodle look like when put in the fryer. 

He once told the Scottish Sun: "Scots are known for their love of deep fried food - and I love batter. I've deep fried all sort of things and a lot haven't tasted great."

So what do you think, will you be devouring a deep fried creme egg this Easter or do you prefer it without the batter?