THE president of the SNP has had his Twitter account suspended.

Michael Russell, a prominent pro-independence voice on the social media platform from his @feorlean account, has been suspended.

The former constitution secretary’s profile picture, header, and biography have all been hidden by the platform, which has written only: “Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter Rules.”

It is not clear which rules have been broken.

The National:

Taking to the alternative social media Mastodon, Russell said he had “no idea why” his Twitter account had been blocked. He suggested it was likely a “malicious complaint”.

He later told The National that his account had been hacked, which had led to the suspension after the anonymous hijacker posted under his name.

Russell said he did not know what the hacker may have tweeted to warrant a suspension.

He confirmed to The National that he had appealed, but is still waiting for a response.