The National:

CHANCELLOR Jeremy Hunt has been mocked for appearing in a “patronising” video explaining how the UK Government is going to halve inflation.

In the video released by the Treasury, Hunt explains how the price of coffee and food has increased by stacking some cups on top of another.  

It's a method of teaching which makes about as much sense as the Tory policies which have wrecked the UK’s financial outlook.

Perhaps looking at the work of Jeremy Hunt’s predecessor would have been a simpler way of explaining how things have gone to ruin rather than simply neatly stacking cups on top of one another.

“How many wasted paper cups”, one Twitter user pointed out.

The video has got The Jouker thinking who is worse at these kind of promotions – politicians or footballers?

Sports fan or not, you can’t deny footballers at least bring some joy to people’s lives. Not that the same can be said for this Tory government.

One Twitter user described the video as “utterly bewildering propaganda nonsense” while another said Hunt was “speaking like he has nothing to do with it”.

Somebody else added: “This is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen and I look at twitter every day.”

For any young or aspiring teachers out there maybe lacking in confidence, fret not, for one pointed out: “If I ever feel like I’m bad at presenting ideas to students, I’ll catch myself on and re-watch this.”

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Oh, and as so many pointed out, the icing on the cake was that in a video on the struggling economy, there wasn’t a single mention of Brexit.

So why is inflation high you ask? Well put it this way, we’re going to need a lot more cups to explain.