SCOTTISH Secretary Alister Jack squirmed as he attempted to answer a question on the gender legislation he is attempting to block.

Jack was asked by SNP MP Kirsty Blackman what exactly a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) is for.

Part of what the bill intends to do is make it easier for trans people to obtain a GRC by removing the need for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria, lowering the age threshold for applications and reducing the time applicants need to live in their acquired gender.

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Having this allows you to update your birth or adoption certificate, get married in your affirmed gender and have your chosen gender on your death certificate when you die.

Blackman said: “Could he [Jack] tell us, what is the effect of a Gender Recognition Certificate is, what does it entitle someone to do?”

Jack replied: “Well, well we believe, you’ll see in the statement of reasons that there is a reduction in safeguards for women and children and you will have plenty of time to read that today.”

Blackman was visibly annoyed by Jack’s reply as he pointedly dodged the question she had put to him.