SCOTS have reacted to the news Rishi Sunak is considering axing plans to build new warships at a Fife shipyard and said such a move would prove the Prime Minister did not “care about Scotland”.

The National took to the streets of Glasgow to ask people their views on reports Sunak could torpedo plans to build five frigates at the Rosyth shipyard – putting thousands of jobs at risk.

Council worker Rio McWilliam (below) said such a move would harm Scottish workers and industry.

The National:

The 20-year-old said: “Personally, I don’t think that’s very good, for the shipbuilding industry in general and for the workers of Scotland, that’s doing them out of a bit of work.

“I don’t think [Sunak has] done himself any favours with the Scottish people. I think it just shows everyone what we already knew. He doesn’t care about Scotland, he’s a Tory, he cares about his people down in England, his millionaire pals.

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“He doesn’t care about the working class…He’s just showing it now. That’s work that these guys could have had… I don’t think he cares about Scotland at all.”

Ministry of Defence insiders told The Sunday Times plans unveiled by then-prime minister Boris Johnson in 2021 for five new Type 32 frigates to be built in Scotland were unlikely to survive the upcoming defence review, with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt eyeing up areas of public spending for the chop.

Anne McDonald, 59, who works as a cook, said the move was a “disgrace” and feared for workers facing the threat of losing their jobs.

She told The National: “I think it’s a disgrace, to be honest. People going out of jobs, to start with, this place is bad enough, the Government’s a total disaster, so really, I don’t think it’s a good idea. You’ve got to keep folk in jobs. [They could be] putting more money in, giving people a better life, they’ve just got nothing.”

Retired businessman George Horn, 53, said the Conservatives “just don’t give two monkeys” when asked for his views on the move.

The National:

Ann Dubar (above) added: “It’s pretty typical they’d cut them in Scotland, and I’m no nationalist.

“I don’t think the Government’s actually in touch with ordinary people – especially the present Cabinet.

“They have very little idea of what it’s like to just be an ordinary person. They live in a sort of bubble, they’re protected in a way, they’ve no idea what it’s like to people who fear they’re losing jobs, how’re they going to find work.

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“That’s why you’ve so many strikes. Truthfully, I think they haven’t a clue, I think the present Government – and I am no nationalist, trust me – they just seem to be not very good, everything’s falling apart. You speak to most people here and they’ll say it’s a bizarre time.”

And 68-year-old Vivienne Gourley (below) said while she thought Scottish industry would be better off constructing things other than warships, she feared the impact ditching the plans would have for workers.

The National:

She said: “I’m not keen on warships in the first place – but it’s bad news for jobs and such. But I’m not keen on warships, let’s build something else. [The UK Government] doesn’t care about us.”

The MoD has so far not confirmed whether the order would be scrapped.