A TORY MSP has welcomed comments made by Pope Francis in which he claimed “the English” had “resolved” calls for Scottish independence.

In an interview with Spanish newspaper ABC, the pontiff discussed the subject of Catalan independence from Spain.

During the discussion he used Scottish independence as an example of how other countries had apparently “solved” similar calls for independence.

“Spain is not the only case in the world,” he said. “Each country has to find its historical path to solve these problems.

"There is no single solution. Some regions have obtained preferential statutes as a way to solve these problems and in others divisions were made, and a new country emerged. Is now the time for the definitive solution for Catalonia? I do not know. That is for you to say.

"A couple of years ago we saw the courage of two prime ministers to solve the problem in North Macedonia. In Italy we have an area in the north, the Alto Adige, with its own statute where German and Italian are spoken … and the English resolved the requests from Scotland ‘the English way’.”

In response, Tory MSP Murdo Fraser tweeted “God bless Pope Francis” in apparent support of the head of the Catholic Church’s comments.

Fraser has previously said there was “distrust” of anyone who takes faith into politics.

He has also claimed that people respect politicians such as Jacob Rees-Mogg’s views on abortion because of they are backed-up by his Catholic faith.

Rees-Mogg has previously called abortion “a cult of death” and refused to back the practice, even in cases of rape or incest.

Following the death of Pope Benedict XVI it has been speculated that Pope Francis may follow in his predescessor's footsteps and retire instead of remaining as Pope until his death.