OVER the next three weeks, The National will be publishing six exclusive articles focusing on the question: “How can we build Scotland’s confidence as a nation?” to kick of a new year of campaigning.

Our series will explore the history taught in Scottish schools, the way achievements and failures of government are reported in mainstream media, the myth of the “Scottish Cringe” and what aspects of Scotland are especially key as a resource for pride.

Activists and representatives have added their voice to the series to share what they take pride in, how they did it themselves and how to instil that in others, as well as provide context to Scotland’s achievements.

The Corries and The Proclaimers are both quoted in the series, so how much more fun can we have?

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The series also explores the history and traditions of Scotland, the importance they play in fuelling our nation with the confidence to be proud, and campaign for a Yes victory.

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Newly appointed editor of The National, Laura Webster, said: “One of The National’s key roles in the independence movement is to set out positive visions for our country’s future. We’re really excited to showcase this new series, demonstrating the variety of ideas for how Scotland could look after we vote Yes.

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