The National:

EVERY football fan has been there. Your side is losing, you’re clinging onto hope that you might be able to salvage something.

Bursting with anticipation to see what happens, fans watched as Yasin Ben El-Mhanni stepped up for Arbroath as they looked to draw level with Inverness on Monday night and… smashed the ball a mile wide.

Few, however, often have the same reaction as Arbroath TV commentator Scott Strachan who, simply stated: “Aww jeezy peeps man.”

Football Twitter is a crazy place at the best of times, but many were quick to pick up on this unique bit of commentary.

One user said the claim deserved a “Unesco world heritage award” while another added that it was “one for the Scottish fitba catalogue”.

Another said they “couldn’t stop watching”. The video has since been viewed by one million people.

To make things even better, The Courier reports that Strachan almost missed the game as he dealt with a mice infestation in Edinburgh.

He told the newspaper it was a “polite way” of describing what was, quite frankly, an abysmal free kick.

Strachan added the player in question has been “brilliant” this season but that the ball was heading “towards the old Peppo’s fish and chip shop” after being struck.

He said: “I don’t have Twitter and had no idea my commentary was getting traction until my friend sent me a WhatsApp.”

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It’s not the first time Strachan has found fame either. He previously commented on the “five Hamiltons” during a Championship clash between Arbroath and Hamilton which featured Chris Hamilton, Colin Hamilton and Jack Hamilton facing a Hamilton side that included Jamie Hamilton.

“I love doing the commentary. I’m very happy in my job but it would be nice to do even more of it.”

People can say what they like about Scottish football but it never fails to deliver its fair share of whacky and wonderful moments.