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IT’s good to see Matt Hancock back answering the big questions.

Following rumours that the former health secretary jetted off to Turkey for a quick hair transplant, the MP took to TikTok to inform everybody what really happened.

Was it all part of some major makeover plan? Was Hancock looking to create a new image in a drastic bid to restore his badly damaged reputation?

Social media ran riot speculating the possible reasons he could have for being in Turkey.   

Alas, Hancock, who of course has had a fine year disgracing himself on I’m a Celebrity, explained the truth.


Rather takes the veneer off the story

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“I’ve just got back to the office to find a journalist has called to ask if I went to Istanbul at the weekend to have hair transplants and veneers”, he explained.

“No, I did go to Istanbul at the weekend but this story has no teeth, it’s hair today gone tomorrow.”

So content with his own smashing joke, the video ends with Hancock struggling to keep the laughter in as he giggles away at his own pun.

One user commented the video was a “painful watch” while another said the politician clearly thought of himself as a “top joker”.

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Someone else simply questioned: “Why are you laughing to yourself?”

Hancock has already lost the Tory whip this year following his stint in the jungle and has announced he will step down as an MP at the next General Election.

Unfortunately, TikTok is yet to kick him off their platform too.