SCOTLAND’S Constitution Secretary has said the “stakes have never been higher” for Scotland’s future, following the unveiling of “draconian” anti-strike legislation by the Tory government.

Angus Robertson also said any change at Westminster will mean little change for Scotland, as the UK parties “increasingly agree” on issues such as austerity and Brexit.

The Scottish Government will continue setting out its “detailed blueprint” for independence, with papers on energy and migration in the next few months, he added.

The first Holyrood debate of 2023 will take place on Tuesday, which will be on the Government motion titled “People’s Right to Choose – Respecting Scotland’s Democratic Mandate”.

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross has branded the choice of debate as “completely bonkers” amid the growing pressure on the NHS.

However, Robertson said: “We are barely one week into 2023, but the stark choice facing people in Scotland is already clear.

“On the one hand, the Westminster parties increasingly agree on issues such as austerity and Brexit – any change at Westminster will change little for Scotland.

“The latest attack on trade union rights – announced by the Tory government this week – should set alarm bells ringing.

“This new Westminster law will impose draconian changes to the rights of people working in devolved public services like transport and health, and we will be powerless to prevent them.

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“It shows just how limited this devolution settlement is, who is actually in charge of it and how determined the Tories are to dismantle it.”

Since the Supreme Court ruling in November that another referendum could not be held without Westminster’s consent. polls have shown a rise in support for independence – with several surveys finding a majority for Yes.

Robertson added: “If the Westminster parties were hoping that in 2023 they can just put Scotland back in its box, then they have another thing coming.

“The stakes for Scotland have never been higher – the SNP will never give up on Scottish democracy and we will never stop fighting for a better future for the people of Scotland as an independent European nation.”

Meanwhile, SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn has challenged Keir Starmer to team up with his party to defeat the UK Government’s anti-strike legislation.

He has written to the UK Labour leader to request a meeting to discuss how to defeat the policy proposals and also urged him to drop his party’s opposition to devolving employment law to Scotland

Flynn said: “This immoral Tory attack shows workers’ rights will always be vulnerable while Scotland is stuck under Westminster control.

“The legislation has been criticised by trade unions and opposition politicians. Independence is the only way to guarantee the rights of working people are protected and strengthened.”

Scottish Labour economy spokesperson Daniel Johnson said it was “desperate stuff” from the SNP, adding: “Only a Labour government can stop these Tory attacks on workers’ rights.”and deliver a fairer deal for workers in every single part of the UK.”