SUPPORT for rejoining the EU leads support for Brexit by nine percentage points, a poll has suggested.

The survey is the latest in a long line which shows the British public has been turning against the idea of Brexit as food costs, immigration numbers, inflation, and energy bills all skyrocket.

However, the new polling also suggested that, with some of the conditions of rejoining the EU spelled out, support for it falls.

People’s Polling, for GB News, surveyed 1269 people, dividing them into two groups.

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One was asked a simple rejoin vs stay out question. The second was first told that rejoining the EU “would mean re-joining the single market, Schengen Area [the UK was never a member of the Schengen Area while in the EU], accepting the free movement of EU nationals, applying EU laws, and paying into the EU budget in proportion to the size of the UK economy”.

The first group supported rejoining over staying out by 42% to 33%.

The second group also saw a plurality support rejoining, but this was diminished to a three-point lead of 38% against 35%.

The split of the polling sample means that both gorups were only around 600 people, smaller than a standardised poll which would give nationally representative results.

Regardless, politics professor Matt Goodwin said the polling suggested that much of the surveys about Brexit should be treated “with caution”.

Goodwin went on: “On the surface, it is not hard to generate poll numbers which show a clear and decisive lead for re-joining the EU. But when you dig a little deeper, and present the reality of re-join to voters, we find that this support tails off significantly.”