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STEPHEN Kerr, the MSP who, in one of last year’s political highlights, told MSPs he was “not a potato”, truly has come out with some questionable things. 

Some of them would even make you ask whether you would be better off listening to a potato after all. 

Most recently, he’s accused ministers of treating the Scottish Parliament with “scant respect” and has placed the blame for ugly buildings across Scotland firmly at the SNP’s door. 

The Jouker simply doesn’t have the time to give every bizarre quote or each odd claim an article of itself, so we’ve compiled some of Kerr's best (or worst) moments. 

“Tribal politics”

The MSP for Central Scotland has recently bemoaned the “sterile and uninspiring” debate which supposedly fills the Scottish Parliament. 

He added that “tribal politics” was a “curse” and accused ministers of failing to treat Holyrood with respect. 

It seems Kerr must have forgot about the tactics deployed by his own party to delay the GRR debate. 

Was it “respect” when his party endlessly filibustered, forcing members to stay to the point the Holyrood chamber’s lights went out? 

Of course, it was the SNP who heckled when one MSP raised a question about food banks in November last year. Oh no wait, that was the Tories as well. 

“Left-wing war against beauty”

Writing for ConservativeHome, Kerr reeled off a list of buildings which he said, and The Jouker promises this isn’t made up, proved that “socialists don’t understand anything about beauty!”. 

He went onto quote a Conservative philosopher Roger Scruton, and then explained that it was no "coincidence that left-wing politicians seek the construction of ugly buildings”. 

In a paragraph which seems to have been written by an AI machine fed Tory buzzwords, Kerr said: "Rather than adopt the Levelling-Down approach to infrastructure we have seen from the socialist and nationalist governments of Scotland, the Scottish Conservatives want to introduce a Levelling-Up approach."

Aye, right.

Claim of “consistency” from Douglas Ross

Douglas Ross has done a grand job of making flip-flopping his brand since taking over as the leader of the Scottish Conservatives. 

After the disaster that was the mini-Budget, Ross called for Scotland to replicate the tax cut policies it initially outlined. 

Prior to this, Ross made several U-turns on whether or not Boris Johnson should resign as Prime Minister.

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Not one to slam his own leader though, Kerr described Ross as being “completely consistent”.

We’ll say this for Ross, if there’s one thing that is consistent, it’s his commitment to inconsistency.