FORMER Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan has had his Twitter account taken down after a hacker gained access to the account. 

The hackers took control of Morgan's account in the early hours of Tuesday (December 27) morning after sharing a series of offensive posts. 

Morgan's account was flooded with a string of tweets that took aim at the late Queen, along with pop singer Ed Sheeran. 

This was along with sharing links to music on Amazon and racist comments to celebrities as well as further unsavoury messages.

The broadcaster's account also had a name change, with the hacker changing the account's title to "lol" and later "Michael".

The National:

Before the hacked account was taken down, Morgan's followers asked if the broadcaster's private messages could be leaked, with many asking to share his exchanges with the Duchess of Sussex.

One Twitter user shared that they wanted "to see why Piers hates Meghan Markle so much. Go to Meghan’s DMs."

Others also asked to share the broadcaster's DM's, but the hacker shared that there was "nothing interesting" and did not reveal all.

The hacking lasted around an hour before Twitter took the account and tweets down after messages appeared sharing that all tweets on the account were "unavailable".

Along with all the tweets, Morgan's profile pictures and banner were also removed confirming the end to hacker run. 

Twitter recommends that if users think an account has been hacked that they should report the account or request a password reset.

Users can also contact the Twitter support team for more direct assistance if needed.