A CONSERVATIVE MP been accused of "misogyny" after apparently mocking the appearance of a young Labour activist.

Lauren Howells, a 23-year-old campaigner for the Labour Party, joked on her account that Christmas was “ruined” after her boyfriend received a “Merry Christmas” letter from Tory Hartlepool MP Jill Mortimer.

Posting an image holding the card with her thumb pointing down on Sunday, Howells said: “Just found this on the shelf in boyfriend’s family home, Christmas ruined.”

On Boxing Day, Tory MP Brendan Clarke-Smith replied to the post, suggesting Howells was “orange with rage” in an apparent attack on her appearance.

The comments from the Bassetlaw MP were described as “disgraceful” and “misogynistic”.

Tweeting her shock at the remarks, Howells said: “From an actual Tory MP. It’s clearly a joke mate, misogyny isn’t.”

She added: “The amount of tweets about my appearance and assumed intelligence I see from the little hard right misogynistic hate cult really does make me laugh. The left clearly aren’t the intolerant ones.”

Mike P Williams also replied to Clarke-Smith, saying: “You seriously got up at 9am on Boxing Day just to share misogyny. Aren't you a top bloke?”

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Another user said: “Disgusting and wholly inappropriate from a sitting Member of Parliament.”

Meanwhile one Twitter user said: "In what kind of civilised society does an elected representative make fun of a young lady’s appearance because she made a joke about a Christmas card?"

The Conservative Party have been approached for comment.