KING Charles has refused the idea of a “cut-price” coronation and will use the event to showcase “UK PLC”, according to reports.

The Telegraph has reported that organisers believe one of the “key learnings” from coverage of the period between the Queen’s death and her funeral was that it projected a positive image of the UK to the rest of the world, and they are now looking to replicate that with the King’s coronation.

Organisers are said to be determined to invest in the event which will take place in Westminster Abbey on May 6.

It is understood that reports of a “cut-price” ceremony sparked fears the event would send an undesirable message to the rest of the world.

Insiders have insisted that only parts of the ceremony that would be considered outdated and cumbersome will be removed – it remains unclear which specific parts they refer to.

However, sources within Buckingham Palace and UK politicians are said to agree that trimming the event down would represent a missed opportunity to advertise “UK PLC” to the world.

The news comes amid a cost of living crisis which has seen inflation skyrocket and families across the UK struggle to make ends meet.

King Charles is reportedly conscious of the crisis, while the palace acknowledges that the event will be taking place during a time of extreme hardship.

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Commenting on the news, a spokesperson for Republic said that the King had "badly misjudged the national mood". 

They added: "There is no need for a coronation at all, he is already King. That he wants to put on a self-aggrandising show that will cost the taxpayer tens of millions of pounds is a slap in the face for the nurses, doctors, teachers and countless others who are struggling with the cost of living crisis.

"This will backfire and add fuel to the republican movement, which is already planning large protests on the day.

"All this will do is embarrass the UK and advertise the need for a serious debate about ending the monarchy."

Labour for Republic’s Chair, Nick Wall said that using public money “for a full-fat coronation is completely unjustifiable" and an "insult to families across the UK who are struggling”.

He continued: “It is quite incredible that the Monarchy is blind to what is happening in households across the UK. To insist that vast amounts of public money should be used for a party for the royal family and the establishment at a time when record numbers of people are using food banks, communities are scrambling to set up warm banks and millions of people are at risk of defaulting on their mortgage, is an illustration of how divorced from reality the monarchy is."

“There is no justification for a coronation of any sort. Constitutionally, it is completely unnecessary and Britain is the last remaining monarchy in Europe to have a coronation event.”

Buckingham Palace has been contacted for comment.