The National:

IF there was ever a time for the Tories to start reading the room, it would be now. 

Having spent last night endlessly filibustering the debate on gender reform to past midnight, Tory MSP Murdo Fraser has now expressed his fury at the cancellation of the Scottish Parliament’s annual Christmas Carol service. 

Because, yes, apparently that is the most important thing facing Holyrood right now. 

Writing on Twitter, Fraser said: “It sums up the farce that is the #GRRBill & the unholy SNP/Green rush to get it through by Christmas that the @ScotParl annual Carol Service – a highlight for staff & local residents – has just had to be cancelled.”

Perhaps if the Tories hadn’t spent yesterday’s debate wasting time pushing amendments then we could have all had our rendition of Good King Wenceslas. 

Fraser, of course, knows best how to put his time to use having jetted off to Seville to see Rangers play in the Europa League final this year all while slamming the First Minister for taking a diplomatic trip to the USA. 

Many took to social media to criticise Fraser for his comments. One user said: “Imagine a Tory calling anything a farce.”

Another commented that last night’s debate would have finished on time were it not for the Tories’ “childish filibustering”.

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"Maybe if the @ScotTories hadn't done their best to delay proceedings everything would have went to schedule", said another. 

Perhaps instead of engaging in this faux Christmas spirit, the Tories should focus on the key job at hand. 

When that's done, we can all kick back and enjoy some Christmas tunes.