The National:

JEREMY Clarkson equated the First Minister to serial killer Rose West amidst a petty rant aimed at Meghan Markle.

It comes as huge swathes of the British press turn their rabid teeth on Markle for having the audacity to claim that huge swathes of the British press had turned their rabid teeth on her.

Clarkson, the odious former host of Top Gear who punched one of his producers amid a childish strop over not getting the food he wanted, is not exactly known for his kindness. But even in the UK’s notorious media landscape, his latest rant is just unhinged.

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After claiming in the pages of the Sun that Markle had “obviously used some vivid bedroom promises to turn [Prince Harry] into a warrior of woke”, he went on to calmly and sanely explain exactly how much he hates the American actress-turned-royal.

“Meghan, though, is a different story. I hate her,” he wrote.

“Not like I hate Nicola Sturgeon or Rose West. I hate her on a cellular level.”

You might think that equating the elected First Minister of Scotland to a torturer, child abuser, and mass murderer would be enough for one day, but the performative jester wasn’t done there.

“At night, I’m unable to sleep as I lie there, grinding my teeth and dreaming of the day when she [Meghan Markle] is made to parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain while the crowds chant, ‘Shame!’ and throw lumps of excrement at her,” he went on.

“Everyone who’s my age thinks the same way.”

No Clarkson, they don’t.

Most people his age (62) have better things to be getting on with than lying awake at night raging about a woman who lives half the world away and likely doesn’t even know their name.

Could there be some kind of explanation for Clarkson’s impotent rage?

Well, he was part of a small group invited to have lunch with the Queen consort, Camilla, earlier this week. Piers Morgan, another famous white man who makes a killing peddling hatred of Meghan Markle, was also invited.

But the Jouker is sure that has absolutely nothing to do with it.