DIRECTOR Ken Loach has accused the BBC of playing an “absolutely shameless” role in the “destruction” of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party.

In an interview with the Equal Times, the 86-year-old filmmaker spoke about the “propaganda role” of the media – taking specific aim at the public broadcaster.

The I, Daniel Blake director expressed issues with language used by the corporation during the 1984 miners’ strike, before telling the website: “The other significant event was the destruction of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership [of the Labour Party, from which Loach was expelled as a member in 2021 for his support of other expelled Corbyn supporters] and the BBC played a prime role in that – an absolutely shameless role – and now that whole political project, that nearly became the government three years ago, has been wiped out of the public discourse.”

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He accused Labour and the media of rewriting history to make it like Corbyn’s tenure “doesn’t exist”.

“It’s like the photograph of Trotsky that Stalin cut out. The man doesn’t exist in history,” Loach said.

He went on: “All the purges, the manipulation of the rules and the straight aggression has been unbelievable.

“It should be unbelievable: The manipulation of rules against the left, the imposition of candidates, expulsions and the fact that at least 200,000 people as far as we know – and probably more – have left the Labour Party under Starmer. It’s not even a news story!”

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The BBC has been contacted for comment.

Loach has been outspoken about Keir Starmer, last year accusing the Labour leader of being “treacherous and dishonest”.

It came after the long-time socialist was kicked out of Labour – having been a member since the 1960s, only leaving temporarily during Tony Blair’s tenure – when he refused to “disown those already expelled” under Starmer’s leadership of the party.

“It is a badge of honour to be expelled by or to leave a party that has become a parody of a left party and now stands firmly with the interests of capital and business,” the filmmaker said at the time.