WITH the Met Office warning that the current cold snap is set to continue until the end of this week, The National asked its readers their best tips for staying warm this winter. 

Advice ranged from layers to hot water bottles as soaring energy bills leave people trying to find ways to save money. 

Here’s what Scots across the country think the best ways to keep warm are this winter. 

Tactical layers 

Many people responded to our request for advice with one of the simplest, and yet most effective tips, which is to ensure you wear lots of layers. 

Multiple layers means you can stay warm without needing to turn the heating up as high as you otherwise might. 

One Facebook user said “wearing warm clothes at home” was a great way to stay heated, while another said: “Not keeping the house warm but wrapping myself up in wool clothing and blankets. 

“You’ve got to know which areas of the body it is essential to double and triple insulate to keep yourself warm.”

Floor-length curtains

One user said that floor-length curtains were a good way to keep the house cosy. 

These can prevent draughts from getting in and help the heating contained once you do turn it on. 

Early bed and electric blanket

This is a tip which both “the dog and cat” approve of, according to one of our readers. 

In order to stay warm, they said they head to bed early and watch TV with their electric blanket on. 

Hot water bottles and heat pads 

A staple of any household during the winter, hot water bottles and heat pads will come in particularly handy this winter. 

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It’s a cheap and easy way to keep warm without any fuss. 


Admittedly this is not one everybody will have access to, although it’s still a handy tip for those that do. 

One Facebook user said they struggled to save money on lighting with teenagers in the house as they were always left on when they weren’t needed. 

The National: Alexa allows people to control the lights in their homeAlexa allows people to control the lights in their home

They added doors were also kept open which meant heat wasn’t contained as easily. 

However, another user replied by telling them that if light switches were connected to an Alexa then they can be controlled from anywhere in the house.   

Don’t vote Tory

Among many of the sentiments expressed when The National asked its readers for advice, was that no longer voting Tory was the ultimate long-term solution to keeping the house warm. 

One user said that the Conservatives should be “ashamed of themselves” for allowing a situation where people need to make use of “warm banks”. 

On Monday morning, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt warned of a “tough road ahead” with inflation currently sitting at 11% as millions struggle to pay their energy bills. 

Another person added that independence was the way forward to ensure Scots don’t have to worry about staying warm through the winter.