The National:

UNIONISTS have been left fuming over Angus Robertson fulfilling his duties as External Affairs Secretary.

Robertson has taken trips to Ireland, the USA, Canada, Bavaria, Brussels, Slovenia and Iceland to promote Scotland internationally.

In May, he visited Belgium to strengthen ties with the EU following the damage done by Brexit

However, speaking to the Scottish Daily Express, MSP Sharon Dowey was shocked at the prospect of Robertson, well .... doing his job.

She accused him of “gallivanting for a month to places like America rather than focusing on the day job”.

Dowey said: "Scottish families dealing with the cost-of-living crisis will rightly be infuriated at Airmiles Angus using taxpayers’ money to go on jollies abroad to push the SNP’s independence obsession."

Maybe it makes sense. The Conservatives have become so used to politicians so steadfastly not doing their job properly that it comes as a shock when they see one fulfilling the role they were chosen to do.

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Elsewhere Scottish Labour’s Sarah Boyack fumed over the trips, claiming the SNP continued to “waste taxpayer money on their independence obsession”.

The Unionist rage didn’t end there, as Scottish LibDem leader Alex Cole-Hamilton also accused Robertson of failing to “get on with the day job”.

Surely it makes sense Robertson travels to maintain Scotland’s links with the rest of the world, especially given the UK Government has done its upmost to remove any and all relationship with the rest of Europe.

Who would have thought a politician simply doing their job would have caused such anger?