NICOLA Sturgeon has picked out some thought-provoking artwork by a Glasgow primary school pupil to use on her Christmas card this year. 

Children at Sunnyside Primary in the Craigend area of the city were asked to create a festive design that centred around the school’s campaigning for climate change action.

Nine-year-old Evita Ye was chosen as the winner and will now see her design used on the First Minister’s greeting card.

Her image features a colourful snow globe with the words “The future is in your hands”.

Sturgeon said: “I’d like to congratulate Evita and all the pupils at Sunnyside for their striking and creative designs.

“Climate change is already having a massive impact around the world and if we don’t take the right action, things will only get worse.

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“I’ve been hugely impressed to hear about the actions pupils at Sunnyside have been taking, and I want to thank each and every one of them for getting involved with such enthusiasm in the most important issue facing our world.

“The school was a natural choice to design my card and I’m pleased to be able to help spread their calls for unified action on climate change.”

Sunnyside Primary has created and run many successful climate campaigns and recently started the Running Out of Time baton relay in the lead-up to COP27.

The First Minister welcomed the baton to the conference in Egypt after it made its way through 18 countries on a 4800-mile journey.