SCOTLAND is leading the way in creating green jobs, according to a new report. 

The Green Jobs Barometer, created by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC), aims to measure and track the impact of jobs on decarbonisation efforts and net zero activity. 

It also looks into how workplaces adopt green practices. According to its latest data, Scotland has shown the “strongest regional performance” when it comes to green job creation and growth. 

Statistics showed that green jobs represent 3.34% of total job creation across Scotland.  

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Not only was this the highest of all regions across the UK, but it also marked the highest level of growth in green jobs when compared to last year's figures. 

Specifically, Scotland increased by 1.6 percentage points with the report stating that the demand was being “driven by the energy sector in the North East".

Responding to the data, SNP Minister Richard Lochhead said it showed “Scotland’s green jobs revolution is underway".

He added: “Scotland is perfectly placed to lead the development of a green energy revolution. We are already at the forefront of the global development of floating offshore wind, as well as being world leaders in wave and tidal energy technologies.

"Others, such as hydrogen, also promise to be game changers for our economy." 

The report classes a job as “green” if it involves any of the following: 

  • “Producing and providing environmentally friendly products and services.” This could include producing solar panels or other forms of renewable energy. 
  • “Adapting work processes to become more environmentally friendly or use fewer natural resources.” The report uses the example of beer being brewed in solar powered breweries or operations which are managed from wind-powered offices. 
  • “Supporting the green economy indirectly.” This includes environmental advisors in business consulting, law or accounting. 

Lochhead continued: “In the last couple of weeks alone, there have been announcements of 600 new green jobs being created following the launch of a Scottish carbon capture project and the awarding of contracts to support the construction of Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm. 

“Recently, new research from the Universities of Warwick and Strathclyde provided an initial upper estimate that up to 100,000 roles in Scotland are ‘new and emerging’ green jobs. 

“The Scottish Government is wholly committed to a just transition to net zero and we are ensuring workers have access to the reskilling and upskilling they need to take on the green jobs of the future – giving employers the skilled workforce to take advantage of new opportunities.”

In total, Scotland had 24,610 adverts for green jobs across 2022. 

Lochhead added: “Our investment of £2 billion in low carbon funding and our Green Jobs Fund of up to £100 million further addresses the skills, challenges and opportunities in supporting a just transition to net zero. 

“Increasing access to growing global green markets for Scottish businesses and stimulating growth in low carbon focused industries will continue the rapid increase of green jobs.”

Elsewhere, the Scottish Greens environment spokesperson Mark Ruskell said that it was crucial Scotland continued to invest in renewable industries as opposed to fossil fuels and coal mines. 

Last week, Michael Gove sparked fury when he approved the first UK coal mine in 30 years.

Ruskell said: “Scotland has incredible renewable resources but they must be harnessed. With the right support Scotland can lead Europe and create thousands of well-paid jobs that would benefit people and the planet. 

“Our £500 million just transition fund is one way that we are ensuring we retain the skills of the workers who are currently in the oil and gas sector, and that those skills and communities can be at the forefront of our transition to a net-zero economy. 

“With Scottish Greens in government we are making important progress and leading the UK, but we’re also only just getting started.”