ALEX Salmond’s Alba Party have set out its plans to get over “referendum roadblocks” imposed by the Supreme Court and UK Government.

Speaking after the party’s Way Forward special national conference, the former first minister said that there was a clear preference shown among attendees for an independence convention.

Salmond said those in attendance at the event in Perth expressed their preference for a Scottish Parliament election to be used as a de facto referendum on independence.

He said a Holyrood plebiscite could be used to propel the independence movement forward.

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The party decided to hold the conference following the UK Supreme Court’s decision that Holyrood did not have the power to hold an independence referendum without Westminster’s permission.

Salmond said: “The clear outcome from this event is that the Yes movement is hereby reconvened.

“The decision by the Supreme Court to deny the right of the Scottish Parliament to hold an independence referendum and the continuing refusal of the UK Government to transfer the power to hold a referendum present clear challenges to Scottish democracy and the sovereign will of the Scottish people.

“How the movement responds now is critical if we are to turn the failure of the Supreme Court tactic into a strategic victory for the independence cause.”

Salmond said pro-independence parties have already won in Scottish and UK elections but said now is the time to bring the desire of the Scottish people to fruition “through the execution of a successful strategy for securing an independence referendum or election vote”.

To do that, he said, the party’s conference had agreed upon three strategies.

He said: “Today’s [Saturday] event has crystallised three immediate priorities: an Independence Convention, popular demonstration and campaigning and a clear preference for using a Scottish Parliament Election as the vehicle for allowing the Scottish people to express their view on independence if Westminster continue to refuse to transfer the power to Holyrood.”

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Alba Party chair Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh (above) said the conference showed there is a desire within the Yes movement for urgent action on independence.

She said: “There was clear support for an independence Convention and using a Scottish Parliament Election as a ‘plebiscite’ election as ways in which the independence movement can drive through the constitutional roadblocks put in place by Westminster and the Supreme Court.

“Alba’s Way Forward event demonstrates that there is an appetite for urgent action on independence. This vital work will continue in the weeks and months ahead. There will be a further follow-up event on January 14.”