ARLENE Foster has revealed she is "worried" about English people getting sick of Scottish independence talk and giving up on the Union altogether.

The former DUP leader, who is now a GB News presenter, told The Telegraph of her frustrations with the “if Scotland wants to go, let them go” narrative among some living south of the Border.

“It’s not just Scotland that will lose out if they go,” Foster said. “The rest of us will all lose out as well … we need to have a wider conversation about that, particularly in England.”

She went on: “I can understand the frustration because it seems to be a never-ending conversation around separatism.

“‘If people don’t want to be part of the UK, then why are we keeping them in the UK?’ I’ve heard some people saying that, rather than fighting for the UK and saying ‘well here’s the reasons why we want you to stay’.”

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The Baroness recently launched her Together UK Foundation, a new campaigning body set up to protect the Union and challenge suggestions that independence is “inevitable”.

Both the deputy ambassador of Israel and deputy high commissioner of India attended the launch event in London last month, and Foster is planning a campaign trip to the USA next year.

She hopes her Unionist lobbying in Washington will remind people “of the importance of the UK staying together”, with a focus on defence, Nato and security.

Foster took her seat in the House of Lords last month, where she will sit as a non-affiliated peer.

The former first minister of Northern Ireland takes the title Baroness Foster of Aghadrumsee.

The former solicitor, who had been a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly since 2003, wore the traditional scarlet robes for the short introduction ceremony in the upper chamber, where she swore the oath of allegiance to the King.

The National: Foster took her seat in the Lords last monthFoster took her seat in the Lords last month (Image: Parliament TV)

Lady Foster was flanked by her supporters, former deputy DUP leader Lord Dodds of Duncairn and Tory peer Lord Godson of Thorney Island.