SCHOOLS across Scotland are set for major disruption after unions voted to take strike action in early December.

The Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association (SSTA) and NASUWT will take industrial action on December 7 and 8.

The country’s largest teaching union – the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) – also announced additional walkouts for teachers in every local authority.

Some councils have already announced plans to close schools during the strikes with other local authorities vowing to keep them open.

Here's which areas in Scotland are closing their schools on December 7 and 8 - and which ones are staying open.


The National: The City Chambers and George Square, Glasgow.

Scotland's biggest city announced a partial closure of its schools on Thursday.

It said all families have been sent a letter by the executive director of education explaining the potential impact the ongoing strikes may have on their kid's education.

The letter reads: "It is with regret that I must once again write to you to inform you of potential partial school closures due to industrial action next week by a couple of unions - SSTA and NASUWT.

"The impact of the strike on our primary, secondary and ASL schools will vary across the city and will mean that schools will take their own decisions on what they will be able to deliver depending on how many staff will report to work that day.

"All our stand-alone nurseries and nursery classes will be open as normal.  

"Your child's school will be in direct contact with you to let you know what their bespoke plans are for the day - but you should be aware that it will mean that not all children and young people will be able to attend school.

"I know that this uncertainty is not ideal and will mean that our families will potentially need to make alternative arrangements at short notice."

East Renfrewshire

East Renfrewshire Council has said industrial action will only impact the area's secondary schools. 

It said primary schools, nurseries, family centres and Isobel Mair School will open as normal.

While schooling will remain unchanged for S4-S6 schools will be closed for S1-S3 pupils.

The council sent a letter to parents which you can read here


The National: During last year alone, Edinburgh Council agreed pay-offs totalling £21.7m

Scotland's capital sent a letter to parents saying it will keep as many schools open as possible.

The council said only 10% of its workforce will be involved in the action.

It said all secondary pupils entitled to free school meals will be able to collect it from school at lunchtime, even if their school is closed or partially closed while all primary schools will remain open.

Parents in Edinburgh will be contacted directly by their schools in the event of a closure.

You can read the full letter here

South Ayrshire

A number of secondary schools will close in Ayrhire on December 7 due to strikes with others partially closed. 

The council said all primary schools, early years centres and special schools will open as normal.

All schools impacted by strikes on December 7 should return to normal the following day.

To read the full list of schools closed in Ayrshire, click here


Orkney is expecting disruption across some of its schools on December 7 due to the strike action but said schools should return to normal the following day.

It said schools are likely to be more impacted by the strikes announced for January, 2023.

Orkney Islands Council said: "Whilst it is believed the January dates will result in a similar pattern of closures as last week - with almost all schools and many nurseries closed - the impact next week is expected to be more restricted, impacting mainly on the senior secondary schools, some of the secondary classes at Stronsay Junior High School and just one class at Papdale.

"It is possible that in some primary schools, individual classes or groups of classes will be at home, while other children and young people are able to attend as normal.

"On that basis, parents will be contacted directly by schools to inform them of their individual arrangements.

"For isles students, Papdale Halls of Residence will remain open. For students at KGS or Stromness Academy, who would be expecting to attend Orkney College, the college will be open but there will be no school transport."

North Lanarkshire

All primary and secondary schools, early years centres, nursery classes and additional support needs schools will be open to pupils on December 7, North Lanarkshire council has said.

However, there may be cases where individual classes or entire year groups are unable to attend school. in that case, parents will be contacted directly by schools.

You can read North Lanarkshire Council's full update on school closures here

East Lothian

All six secondary schools in East Lothian are impacted to some extent by teacher strikes.

But Ross High School will be the only school closed to all learners, except those who attend its ASN base.

Secondary schools in East Lothian have written to families advising on arrangements. 

Argyle and Bute

Several schools in Argyll and Bute are set to be impacted by industrial action on December 7, with only one - Campbeltown Grammar School - being fully closed.

To read the full list of schools affected, click here


Clackmannanshire Council confirmed to The National that its schools and early learning centres will stay open on December 8.


The National: Dundee City Council's administration says it will aim to protect frontline

On December 8, secondary schools in Dundee will be open only to S5 and S6 pupils.

Primary schools, early years settings and Kingspark and Rockwell Learning Centre will remain open to all pupils on Thursday.

Families will be contacted if their school has a different arrangement, the council said.

You can read their full update here

West Dunbartonshire

West Dunbartonshire Council told The National that all schools will remain open on December 7 with only some individual classes affected by the industrial action.

North Ayrshire

Most secondary schools in North Ayrshire will be closed on Wednesday, December 7, due to planned industrial action.

There is also some disruption to primary schools in the area, the council said.

Early years classes and standalone early years centres will remain fully open to all children and young people as normal.

It added that children in receipt of free school meals will be able to access a packed lunch on December 7.

You can read the full update here


Shetland Islands Council said it won't be able to provide an update on school closures until next week but said parents will be contacted directly by schools if their school will close.


All Midlothian secondary schools will be closed December 8.

All primary schools and nurseries, with the exception of Bonnyrigg Primary School, will be open as normal.

Saltersgate, for children with additional support needs, will be open for pupils from P1 to S6.

The full update can be found here

South Lanarkshire

Schools in South Lanarkshire are not affected by strike action on December 8 but will face disruption on December 7.

South Lanarkshire Council tweeted: "All our primary, secondary and ASN schools are expected to open on Wednesday 7 December, but industrial action means changes to arrangements in some schools.

"Each school will contact their parents/carers direct to advise. Strike action on December 8 does not affect South Lanarkshire."

East Dunbartonshire

East Dunbartonshire will be impacted by strikes on December 7.

All secondary schools will close, the council announced, while a handful of primary schools are also affected. 

Early years centres and additional support needs schools will be open as normal.

You can read the full announcement here


Highland Council said all parents will be contacted if school closures occur, while a full list of schools closed will be added to this website


Renfrewshire Council said all schools have different arrangements and will be in touch with parents directly if any disruption happens.


Secondary schools will be disrupted on December 7 by strikes with parents being contacted by schools on any updates.

Inverclyde Council has listed school closures and disruption to schools here

Aberdeen City

Aberdeen City Council said: “The SSTA and NASUWT teaching unions have called a day of strike action in pursuit of their national pay claim, on 8 December 2022.

"This is likely to reduce the number of headteachers, depute headteachers, principal teachers, and classroom teachers available to work on the day. 

“Given the high level of uncertainty around the number of teaching staff who will be available to teach classes, we have taken the decision to close city secondary schools to pupils in S1-S4 on 8 December.  

“Schools have written to parents and carers to inform them about arrangements.”

Western Isles

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar said said all schools will remain open as normal on December 7.

But the council added: "Although schools will be open, pupils and parents in secondary education should expect timetable and organisational changes on the day to allow schools to accommodate the absence of striking staff, the majority of which are secondary teachers in this instance."

Parents and guardians can check for updates here

Perth & Kinross

Nearly all Perth and Kinross will be closed to pupils in S1-S4 on Thursday, December 8.

Sharon Johnston, head of education and learning with Perth and Kinross Council said, said: "We appreciate how difficult this additional disruption will be for many parents and carers.

"There will be no blanket closure of our schools. However, pupil safety is always our overriding priority and we have decided not to fully open schools where there will not be enough staff to do so safely.

"This means our secondary schools, with the exception of Pitlochry High School, will only be open to senior pupils in S5 and S6.

"These pupils will attend classes as normal unless a teacher is taking part in the industrial action, in which case pupils will be asked to study during those classes instead.

"Negotiations are continuing at a national level. We will continue to update parents and carers about the impact of the dispute on our schools."

You can read the council's full update here


Aberdeenshire Council has not finalised its plans but said it should have a full list on Monday.

An Aberdeenshire Council spokesperson said: “From the information provided to us by the unions, we have made the decision that, where possible, all of our schools will remain open.

“It is important to note that the industrial action will affect each school in different ways.

“This could therefore lead to the closure or partial closure of some schools and disrupted timetables in others.

“A partial closure could, for example, mean that only S5 and S6 pupils attend on that day.

“We understand the uncertainty this brings to parents and carers but each school will need to assess its own situation.

“Schools will notify parents and carers directly in the next few days explaining how the planned strike action will affect them.

“Strike action will not affect our early learning settings and school lets - groups and clubs that utilise school space - and these will be open and operate as usual.”


All secondary schools in Fife will close due to teacher strikes on December 8.

Primary schools and nurseries will remain open as normal.

Fife Council said details will be issued soon on free meals.

You can read the council's full update here


The National:

Stirling said as a result of planned national industrial action by the SSTA and NASUWT teaching unions on Thursday, December 8, there will be some disruption across Stirling Council secondary, ASN and primary schools.

Secondary schools will be able to support the attendance of some year groups, and this will be communicated directly with pupils, parents and carers by the schools themselves.

It said Bannockburn High School will be open to all pupils in S1 to S6.

It’s anticipated that all our primary schools and ASN provisions will remain open, but there may be some disruption to individual classes. 

More detailed information on this will be issued directly to parents and carers from the schools which will be affected. 

A free school meal payment will be paid into bank accounts on Wednesday, December 7 for eligible children who are not in school as a result of the industrial action.


All secondary schools in Moray will be impacted by teacher strikes on December 8, the council has announced.

All secondary schools will be closed to S1-3 pupils with variable arrangements in place for young people in S4-6, depending on staff availability, it said.

Headteachers will inform families directly of their individual arrangements over the coming days.

All Moray primary schools will remain open to all pupils unless parents are notified by the head teacher of any individual arrangements.

Early learning and childcare centres will operate as normal.

Head of education, Vivienne Cross, said: “While the potential numbers involved in this possible industrial action are lower than in previous strikes, it’s clear there will be considerable impact on all secondary schools.

"Once again, I fully appreciate that this is inconvenient for families and I have faith that this advance notice allows them to make the necessary arrangements. If this situation changes, I will update them again directly.”


All primary schools, early learning and childcare centres and school-based nurseries will be open as usual on December 8, Angus Council has announced.

But it said strike action is expected to disrupt the area's high schools with a further update to be delivered early next week.


The National: File photo dated 11/05/19 of people enjoying the sun at The Kelpies in Falkirk, Scotland, which has been named the best neighbourhood for walking in Britain following a public vote. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Thursday July 11, 2019. It beat

Whilst the council is planning to open all schools that day, it said education provision and delivery will be restricted in line with the number of teachers that will participate in industrial action.

Each headteacher will advise parents and guardians on how this will affect the delivery of learning within their own school.

East Ayrshire

A letter has been issued to parents and carers by Linda McAulay-Griffiths, chief education officer and head of education, advising parents that all secondary schools and Park School will be closed to pupils on Wednesday, 7 December.

All other ASN and early childhood centres will open as normal, the council said. 

You can read the full letter here

West Lothian

West Lothian secondary schools are expected to close to S1 to S4 pupils on Thursday 8 December, the area's local authority has announced.

Arrangements are being made to allow as many S5 and S6 pupils as possible to attend schools as normal, to minimise disruption to those preparing for SQA exams, it said.

West Lothian council added that it will provide a further update on these arrangements on Monday.

For more information, read West Lothian's full strike update

Scottish Borders

Scottish Borders Council (SBC) confirmed on Monday that all schools in the area will close on Thursday due to industrial action.

The local authority added: "SBC can confirm that all Early Learning and Childcare provisions, and Primary schools will be open as normal on this date.

"SBC appreciate that school closures are concerning to parents and apologise for the disruption this and any subsequent industrial action may cause."

Councils in the Scottish Borders and Dumfries and Galloway have been approached and this article will be updated when details are known.

Dumfries and Galloway

Secondary schools in Dumfries and Galloway will see disruption on Wednesday while most primary schools will remain open.

For schools affected, head teachers will contact parents and guardians.

A spokesperson for the council said: "On the day of the strike, all Early Learning and Childcare and almost all primary schools will be open to children.

"We expect some disruption to classes in secondary schools. Each of our schools will write to parents/carers directly with the arrangements for their school.

"Arrangements are being made for Free School Meal Provision for the day of the strike. This will be communicated directly via the school."