ALEX Cole-Hamilton has written to the UK Statistics Authority over the Yes campaign's use of a disputed wind power figure on a leaflet.

The Scottish LibDem leader pointed to a social media post shared by SNP activist Olaf Stando and two other independence campaigners knocking on doors in Kirkcaldy, Fife, holding leaflets titled "The Power of an Independent Scotland".

Cole-Hamilton would later share a zoomed-in version of the leaflet, showing a bubble in the top right-hand corner which reads "25% of Europe's offshore wind potential".

The LibDem leader raised concerns over the statistic at FMQs a few weeks ago, when John Swinney was standing in for Nicola Sturgeon, after Unionist think tank These Islands said the figure had originally come from comparing two studies which were inconsistent with one another.

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They claimed it dated back as far as 1993 when wind technology was in its infancy and therefore it was inaccurate.

However, Alba said Unionists were trying to "undermine" Scotland's offshore wind potential when the country is on course to deliver "a whopping percentage of European's actual offshore energy by 2035". 

The pro-independence party's claim is based on an EU Commission report from 2020, estimating the bloc was aiming for 60 gigawatts (GW) of offshore capacity by 2030. Scotland is predicted to have a capacity of 35GW by 2032. 

The row has continued to rumble on after Cole-Hamilton picked up on Yes activists campaigning with leaflets containing the statistic.

Stando, originally from Poland, stood as an SNP candidate in the Burntisland, Kinghorn and West Kirkcaldy ward, at this year's local council elections. 

In a letter to Sir Robert Chote, chair of the UK Statistics Authority, Cole-Hamilton wrote: "On Sunday 27th November, a senior member of SNP staff posted an image of leaflets being delivered to households despite their containing the debunked figure that Scotland has 25% of Europe’s offshore wind potential.  

"The leaflets did not appear to be Kirkcaldy-specific so could be delivered across Scotland.

"It begs the question how many of these leaflets have been printed and continue to be delivered despite it being known that they contain false information."

Cole-Hamilton said he had also been informed the figure was being used on "different leaflets in St Andrews". 

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He added: "The continued promotion of false information through these fresh deliveries to households is obviously concerning.

"Can I therefore ask if the UK Statistics Authority intends to issue any advice to the Scottish National Party? How should households which have received this information be informed that it is not in fact true?"

The Scottish LibDem leader then reference SNP MP Ronnie Cowan's comments in the House of Commons that he would "stand by" the figure. 

"On the same day, in the Scottish Parliament, Green minister Lorna Slater refused to confirm that the claim had always been bogus, instead saying that 'it is out of date'," Cole-Hamilton continued. 

He said: "I fully support the expansion of Scotland’s renewable sector and I desperately want to see Scotland fulfil our renewable potential.

"Nevertheless, the strong case for that is not helped when the Scottish Government and SNP use figures which leave them open to the charge of misleading and misrepresenting. 

"I would appreciate input from the UK Statistics Authority as to how this can be corrected and avoided in future."

A spokesperson for the SNP said: “While Alex Cole-Hamilton exposes his low ambitions and his party's skewed priorities by going after a party staffer, the SNP will continue to champion Scotland's huge renewable generation capabilities, which will go on to exceed 40 gigawatts of power."