NIGEL Farage has held secret talks with Tory MPs, it has emerged.

The Brexiteer met up with disgruntled Red Wall Tories as he plots his political comeback, according to The Sun on Sunday.

The newspaper said the former UKIP leader has been "testing the water" with northern MPs dissatisfied with Rishi Sunak's leadership.

A Westminster source told said: " “Nigel Farage has been reaching out to the disgruntled lot.

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“He has been having meetings with Red Wall Tories about the Reform Party to test the water.”

It comes as Reform UK, formerly the Brexit Party, looks to target a number of northern English seats at the next General Election.

The Farage-founded party's targets would include Labour's Ed Miliband and the Tories' Jonathan Gullis.

Just this week Farage urged Brexit voters to abandon the Conservatives and back his own Reform UK at the next election in his biggest political intervention in years.

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Farage confirmed to The Sun on Sunday that he had held talks with several Tory politicians, saying “there are a lot of very, very disillusioned Conservatives”.

The newspaper said some 5000 people had joined the Brexiteer's party this month, with many being former Tory supporters.

Some Tories are concerned about the impact Reform UK could have on the party at the next election, with a former minister saying: "If Reform UK get even 10% of the vote that could be catastrophic for me.”