THE "cruel" UK Government has been slated for "declaring war on pensioners" over reports it could raise the pension age to 68 earlier than planned.

As it stands, the age at which people in the UK can receive their state pension is set to rise to 67 by 2028 and 68 by 2039.

However, according to The Telegraph, government ministers have signalled that they want to speed that change up to happen a few years earlier - with proposals suggesting it could be raised to 68 in the mid-2030s.

If enacted, the move would see people who are currently in their mid-50s having to hold off retiring for an extra year, while people starting work now could have to wait until their 70s to retire if current trends persist.

The National: The Department of Work and Pensions.

The change would see the Treasury save tens of billions of pounds in a move that has been branded a “big bazooka” cost-cutter by officials who are looking for ways to plug holes in Westminster’s finances.

Commenting on the news, the economy spokesperson for the Scottish Greens, Maggie Chapman, said that “this cruel Westminster government has effectively declared war on pensioners”.

She added: “Not content with wrecking the economy, torpedoing pension funds and destroying rights across the public and private sectors, the Tories effectively want us to work until we die.

“Compare that to a failed Tory prime minister, a failed chancellor and a game show MP who will never have to work again despite their shambolic legacy, while those who keep the country going are struggling to make ends meet.”

Meanwhile, SNP MP Anne McLaughlin declared that pensions “are not safe under Westminster control”.

She continued: "Promises made by the No campaign over pensions are one of a number of promises that have been thrown on the scrapheap since 2014.

"People in Scotland were told their pensions would be safe as part of the UK, but pensioners are threatened with the triple lock being scrapped, one of the lowest pensions in Europe and now the possibility of not being able to claim their pension until years after they were expecting.

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"I’ve been fighting for the Cost of Living Payment of £650 for those on Pension Credit to be available to anyone who successfully applies by the end of the fiscal year because right now, unless you applied before 19th August, that £650 is not coming your way. If they were at all concerned about pensioners this winter they would agree but so far my requests have fallen on deaf ears.

"The only way the people of Scotland can protect their pensions is with an independent Scotland."

The UK Government has been contacted for comment.