NICOLA Sturgeon has hinted that she could meet with activists at a rally outside the Scottish Parliament following the Supreme Court ruling.

Earlier on Wednesday, the UK’s highest court ruled that Holyrood does not have the legislative competence to pass a bill allowing for an independence referendum to be held.

Following the decision, the First Minister held a press conference in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh, where she was probed by journalists on the details of how a defacto referendum, essentially fighting the next General Election on the single issue of independence, will work in practice.

The National asked the FM if she had any message to send to activists ahead of a number of rallies that are set to be held across Scotland on Wednesday night.

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She said: “To the people gathering peacefully across Scotland today, I wish them well. I know there will be a gathering outside of the Scottish Parliament so maybe I’ll get the opportunity to say hello to a lot of them later on.

“This is now a democracy movement as much as it is an independence movement. It’s about our right to choose our own future.

“I know that there will be many people who want to make their voice heard on that today and I think we will see the real spirit of the independence movement, not just in these gatherings today, I’m sure we’ll see it there, but in the days, weeks and months to come.”