THE co-founder of an independence group that was set up to welcome LibDem voters has left the party, saying he became “disillusioned”.

Cameron Greer set up Scottish Liberals For Indy alongside Jake Stevenson in hopes of giving the LibDems a voice in the Yes movement.

However, Greer announced on Twitter earlier this week that he was no longer a party member.

He said: “Unfortunately today, I’ve chosen to leave the Liberal Democrats. It’s for a range of reasons but the latest chaos has been my last straw. I don’t really want to get into it today.

“I want to now focus on campaigning for my community and for independence outwith a party.”

He later said that being a member of the LibDems had been “the best of my time in and around politics”, adding that it had been a “really tough decision”.

Speaking exclusively with The National, Greer said that the “final straw” had been the party’s new definition of transphobia, which stated that, regarding complaints of abuse, the “way someone has acted or expressed themselves” will be taken into account, rather than their “underlying views”.

Greer had previously flagged up concerns raised by trans broadcaster India Willoughby saying “this is the kinda thing I’m on about”.

He later said: “There’s a big backlash going on because it’s seen as the party pandering to hate groups and transphobes. We were proudly one of the only parties that was entirely pro-trans but I won’t be part of a party that has changed the definition to what they have done.”

He went on to say that there was no “oomph about the party” compared to the momentum that had won them success in 2010, adding “I didn’t really see it going in any direction”.

For Greer, one of the party’s key issues is its stance against a second indyref.

He said: “It has hampered our chances of winning or even coming back from our losses. A neutral stance would be preferable but it’s not going to happen.

“They’re trying to position themselves as the Unionist party, even though Labour and the Tories are doing the exact same. It’s a bit of a farce really and it’s hindering the party’s chances.”

He added: "I've been disillusioned. Being pro-independence, it was never going to be easy being a LibDem."

However, Greer says that it’s not impossible to be a Yes-supporting member of the LibDems.

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“I believe that the right to self-determination is a liberal value and principle. That’s why I don’t understand the LibDems' stance on this. There are still Yes supporting members of the party,” he said.

Greer is now focussed on campaigning for independence, particularly with his new group South Scotland Independence Movement and says that his journey from No to Yes will help him change minds for independence.

He continued: “I’m really excited about getting into the Yes movement and pushing it along so we can win an independence referendum in 2023.”

The LibDems have been contacted for comment.