DOMINIC Raab has been told that his party must take responsibility for its "mismanagement" of the UK - rather than blaming trade unions and asylum seekers.

Anum Qaisar accused the Tories of "blaming everyone else" for their own failures, from a looming recession to concerns over the state of public services.

She told Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, who was filling in for Rishi Sunak at Prime Ministers Questions, to accept the consequences of his party's 12 years in government.

She told the House of Commons: "Mr speaker, it's not trade unions who have run public services to the ground - it's the Tories.

"It's not alysum seekers fleeing war and famine who are inflaming tensions - it's the Tories.

"And it's not those in low-paid jobs who are trashing the economy - it's the Tories.

"So can the Deputy Prime Minister inform the House when this Tory government will finally accept responsibility for the economic, social and political mismanagement rather than blaming everyone else."

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On Wednesday, inflation hit is highest level for 41 years due to surging energy prices. 

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has claimed getting inflation under control would require “tough but necessary decisions on tax and spending to help balance the books”

Raab replied: "Mr speaker, it's not a matter of inflaming anyone. It's a matter of the team effort, the shared endeavour, working with the Scottish Government to make sure we get a grip on inflation - the number one priority.

"And it's got to be said, if (Qaisar) takes the position we agree with inflation-busting pay rises, as difficult as these decisions are, we will only see inflation go on for longer. 

"That will hurt the most vulnerable in our communities, whether it's in Scotland or across the rest of the UK."