THE UK Government has confirmed it will order the construction of five more British warships, which are to be built on the Clyde. 

The Prime Minister is currently attending the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, which looks set to be dominated by the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

As part of steps to strengthen security in the face of increased threats from Moscow, Sunak announced that defence manufacturer BAE systems has been awarded a £4.2 billion contract to build five more Type 26 frigates for the Royal Navy, on top of the three already under construction. 

Sunak said: “Russia’s actions put all of us at risk. 

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“As we give the Ukrainian people the support they need, we are also harnessing the breadth and depth of UK expertise to protect ourselves and our allies. 

“This includes building the next generation of British warships.”

Following the announcement, Scottish Affairs Committee Chair Pete Wishart MP said: “It is positive news that the UK Government has announced that BAE systems is to build frigates on the Clyde for the Royal Navy. 

“Scotland is at the heart of the UK’s military shipbuilding. This contract continues the drumbeat of orders our Committee has been hearing that the Scottish defence sector needs to continue thriving. 

“While the number of jobs being supported by this contract is very welcome for Scottish communities, it is important that Scottish defence SMEs are not overlooked in the supply chain.

“In our earlier report on the military landscape in Scotland, we were concerned that Scottish SMEs accounted for only 2.5% of the [Ministry of Defence's] total spending with SMEs.”

Meanwhile, Sunak declined to commit to a promise from his predecessor Liz Truss to raise defence spending to 3% of GDP, compared to the Nato minimum of 2.5%.  

He downplayed concerns by some in the Tory party that ditching the target could be seen as a weakness by Putin. 

Sunak told reporters travelling with him to Bali: “In terms of what does weaken Putin, I mean what he’s going to see from me is unequivocal condemnation of his actions at the G20.”

The PM also pointed to the UK’s “significant” financial and military assistance for Ukraine. 

“I don’t think Putin or anyone else can look at that and say in any way that we’re weak”, he said. 

The new ships will replace the fleet of 12 retiring Type 23 frigates.

The PM is preparing to confront Russia’s representative with allies at the summit, which starts on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Defence said the contract will support 1,700 jobs over the next decade at BAE Systems sites in Govan and Scotstoun, in Glasgow.

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Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said: “We are investing in our fleet to ensure our Royal Navy maintains its world-leading capability to protect and defend our nation at sea.

“Supporting thousands of high-skilled jobs in Scotland, and more across the wider UK supply chain, this contract will continue to boost our British shipbuilding industry, galvanising the very best of British engineering, manufacturing and design.”