NIGEL Farage has warned of an “insurgency” against the “globalist” Tories as his rebranded Brexit Party hit a polling high.

Former Ukip leader Farage, who is now a regular presenter on GB News, founded Reform UK after the 2019 election.

The ex-MEP quit as leader in 2021, leaving the party in the hands of property developer Richard Tice (below).

The National: Richard Tice, The Brexit Party

However, Farage has played a key role in continuing to promote the party’s messaging – particularly on small boat crossings – through his media role, even appearing on the BBC recently to blame migrants for NHS waiting times.

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A new survey from People Polling, carried out on November 9, put Reform UK on 8%, its highest ever level of support and just one point behind the Green Party.

With estimates that Reform have picked up one in eight of the Tories’ 2019 voters, this could place pressure on the Tories who are already struggling in the polls.

“It’s happening,” Farage wrote after sharing the study. “The next insurgency has begun. This one aims to replace the globalist, lying Conservative Party.”

In the Scottish subsample for the poll, just 4% of Scots asked said they would vote for Reform UK at the next General Election.  

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Reform UK found little success in last year’s local and Scottish elections, after focusing on issues like opposing Covid lockdowns and restrictions.

They managed around 0.2% of the overall regional list vote, significantly less than other fringe parties like the Scottish Family Party or George Galloway's All for Unity.

Now the party has turned its focus to blaming migrants for the UK’s failures, attacking net-zero policies and opposing climate protesters.

While the Tories have ramped up their rhetoric against refugees and asylum seekers – with the Home Secretary calling the record level of small-boat crossings an “invasion” – Reform UK are jumping on the issue with the aim of gaining support from the Home Office’s failings.

A recent campaign poster from Reform UK shows a small boat crossing the Channel and reads: “Another new Tory Prime Minister, another Tory Home Secretary … yet the boats keep coming.”

Elsewhere the new UK-wide People Polling survey put Labour on 42%, the Tories on 21%, LibDems and Greens on 9%, and the SNP on 5%.