The 'secret' to getting an 11-day holiday while only using 3 days of annual leave has been revealed by a major IT recruiting firm.

Frank Recruitment Group has figured out how you can maximise your winter holidays for 2022 and 2023.

As the Christmas holidays fast approach, many are looking for the best days to ensure a good rest and plenty of time to soak up the festivities with the family.

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Here is how you get an 11-day holiday while only using 3 days of your annual leave.

How to get an 11-day holiday this December using only 3 days of leave

For this to work, employees will have to get Bank Holidays off as part of their contract with their employer.

For those who typically work Monday to Friday, using Bank Holidays and time off can help maximise your time away from the desk.

Step one is familiarising yourself with Scottish Bank Holidays.

Full list of December and January Bank Holidays in Scotland in 2022 and 2023

Here is a list of the Christmas and New Year's Bank Holidays available to Scots:

  • Boxing Day, December 26
  • Christmas, December 25 (substitute day)
  • New Year's Day, January 2 (substitute day)
  • January 2's substitute day on January 3

Days to book off in December and January 2022 and 2023

According to Frank Recruitment Group, an 11-day holiday can be achieved by taking just three days off from Wednesday, December 28 to Friday, December 30.

With Boxing Day on December 26 and a Christmas substitute day on December 27, workers can take the whole week off and not return to the office until Wednesday, January 4 as both January 2 and 3 are substitute Bank Holiday dates.

This means employees can have a holiday spanning Saturday, December 24, Sunday (25), Monday (Boxing Day), Tuesday (substitute Christmas Day), Wednesday (28), Thursday (29), Friday (30), Saturday (31), Sunday (January 1, 2023), Monday (Substitute New Year's Day), and Tuesday (03).

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