A SCOTTISH city is set to make history as the first fully Augmented Reality (AR) city in the world.

Stirling will break new ground using “cutting-edge” software developed as part of a project between the city’s council, BT, and design consultancy Seymourpowell.

Visitors to the city will be able to use the AR technology through a free “Stirling XP” app on their smartphones.

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The council said the software would “transform the visitor experience to Stirling allowing people to explore the city in a unique and exciting way through their smartphone screen”.

There will be virtual and responsive signs, interactive games to unlock rewards, and features bringing “Stirling’s rich history and heritage … to life”.

The National: From left: Chris Doughty from Seymourpowell, Stirling Council leader Chris Kane, and BT's Alan LeesFrom left: Chris Doughty from Seymourpowell, Stirling Council leader Chris Kane, and BT's Alan Lees (Image: Stirling Council)

Councillor Chris Kane, the leader of Stirling Council, said: “Offering this complete AR environment across Stirling is an exciting world first and will revolutionise the visitor experience in our amazing city.

“Stirling’s historic city centre and world-class attractions will be overlaid with interactive information, graphics, 3D models and much more, creating a fully immersive and dynamic experience that no other city currently offers.

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“Stirling is already a must-visit destination and this pioneering product will raise the city’s profile and attract more people to come here, boosting the wider tourism economy.

“The new free app will also open up a plethora of fantastic opportunities for local businesses and will make Stirling a more inclusive and accessible place that’s setting the world standard for next generation tourism.”

Kane’s council has invested £200,000 in the project via funding from the Scottish Government’s Place Based Investment Programme.

The National:

Seymourpowell, a tech innovation company with a base at Codebase Stirling, developed the software in partnership with the council and BT.

Chris Doughty, the firm’s head of immersive experiences, said: “The Stirling XP project demonstrates what is possible when cutting-edge infrastructure providers, optimistic and forward-looking public bodies and award-winning designers work together.

“Using Google’s new Geospatial platform, we were able to design a truly immersive experience that brings the city to life by revealing an exciting digital layer, gamifying local history and providing tourists with local challenges that encourage them to go out and explore the city.

“We are delighted to have been able to deliver a project which firmly positions Stirling as a world-class digital destination and paves the way for continued, industry-leading, development.”

VisitScotland said it was “incredibly exciting” to see how the new technology could “showcase Stirling”.

Regional director Neil Christison said: “AR enables people from anywhere in the world to experience Stirling from the palm of their hands and learn more about this historic and vibrant city in an interactive way.

“It is also great to have a new platform that local businesses can take advantage of and a tool that visitors can use to plan their trips to Scotland.

“We know that tourism is a force for good with an impact that spreads far beyond the industry itself – it benefits our economy, our community and our wellbeing.”

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