THE John Christmas advert will help shine a light on the inequalities experienced by people who have lived in care in partnership with a Scottish charity.

Last month, the charity Who Cares? Scotland was announced as a nominated charity of the John Lewis and Waitrose Partnership.

It means that the organisation, which supports children and young people living or who have previously lived in care in Scotland, will benefit from the retailer’s national fundraising drive.

This year’s eagerly awaited John Lewis Christmas advert – titled The Beginner – features the story of a middle-aged man learning how to skateboard in order to make Ellie, a Care Experienced child, feel welcome in his home.

The advert ends with the message: “Over 108,000 children in the UK are in the care system.

"We’re making a long-term commitment to support the futures of young people from care."

Customers at the retailer will be able to buy products features in the ad, including the skateboard, with 25% of the sales being sent to two charities: Action for Children and Who Cares? Scotland.

John Lewis customer director Claire Pointon said: "We are fortunate to have a truly unique platform in our Christmas ad, which sparks a national conversation.

"At John Lewis we care deeply about families, and recognise that they come in many different forms.

"For our biggest moment this year, we decided to focus on one kind of family that is often overlooked."

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She added: "We are also aware that not all care experience outcomes are as positive as Ellie’s.

"The home Ellie enters is filled with kindness, and the foster father’s actions demonstrate that ultimately, it’s what you do that matters most."

The John Lewis partnership has said it is committed to helping young people leaving the care sector find meaningful jobs.

Louise Hunter, CEO of Who Cares? Scotland, said partnership will make a difference to young people living or who have previously lived in care.

She said: “We are absolutely delighted that the John Lewis Partnership will use its tremendous presence and platform, to make a real difference to Care Experienced people.

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“We know that all children and young people need support, love and nurture in order to thrive, but for our children and young people with experience of care, those elements might not always have been present.

“Who Cares? Scotland is the only national, membership organisation for people who have experienced the care system.

“Our vision is a lifetime of equality, respect and love and at the heart of our work are the rights of Care Experienced people, and the power of their voices to bring about positive change.”

This year’s advert features a cover of the Blink 182 song All The Small Things by US artist Mike Geier.