The National:

IN a bizarre moment during Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, Rishi Sunak seemed to forget he was in a job at all.

During yesterday’s PMQs, Labour leader Keir Starmer was grilling Sunak on the resignation of Gavin Williamson – after the now former cabinet minister was forced to resign following a string of bullying allegations.

Rather than standing up and answering though, Sunak just continued to sit there, seemingly blissfully unaware of the fact he is the Prime Minister and he was meant to be ready with a riposte.

In a moment of comedy gold, all Sunak’s colleagues seem to turn their head in unison as if to say, “you’re up mate”.

Surely it’s not that difficult to remember. The very name of the event is there to remind him what needs doing.

Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner posted the video on her Twitter with the caption: “When you forget you are the Prime Minister… #PMQs.”

Journalist Jonathan Lis described yesterday’s PMQs as “genuinely incredible” and that the PM had “totally lost his confidence and self-belief”.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “Something genuinely incredible seems to be happening right now, which last happened with Theresa May.

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“Namely, the prime minister appears to have totally lost his confidence and self-belief. Once it happened to her it was terminal. And it’s happened to him after two weeks.

“I can’t remember a PMQs where a PM seemed so tired and listless. Sunak didn’t look as if he wanted to be there and worse, didn’t look as if he belonged there.

“Maybe he’ll recover his mojo. But it looks as if he’s been exposed – and his opponents on both sides can smell blood.”

Then again, who can blame Rishi Sunak wanting to forget he’s the Prime Minister?

He certainly isn’t the only one.