The National:

IT says something “great about the UK” that more than one Tory prime minister is at COP27, Rishi Sunak has claimed.

The Prime Minister told press at the climate summit in Egypt that having former prime minister Boris Johnson there as well was an “enormous credit to the UK”.

“It’s great that the former prime minister is here,” Sunak said. “I think it says something great about the UK that not only have we got the current Prime Minister here, we’ve got a former prime minister here. It just demonstrates our leadership on this issue globally.

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“And Boris was a stalwart champion of building a greener future. He deserves enormous credit and praise for that. And as I said, it’s an enormous credit to the UK that we have not just one [prime minister] but also our former prime minister here.

“That’s the UK leading on tackling climate change, something we should all be proud of.”

If Sunak thinks having two Tory prime ministers at the COP27 summit is something we can all be proud of, we’ve got good news for him. He could have had three.

Liz Truss would no doubt have been free to visit as well. How “great” would that be for the UK? Three prime ministers at once.

Why stop there? They could have invited Theresa May. It’s only been three years since she quit No 10 after all.

Either way, why wouldn’t it be “great” that Johnson is in attendance in Egypt? We all know he likes a sunny break – he took enough of them.

It's also proved a chance to remind the entire world why even the Tories finally saw fit to give the braggart the boot.

Proving that no claim is too wild for Johnson to make, the former prime minister told COP27 he represents the “spirit of Glasgow”.

Aye, right.