THE Scottish Greens will today launch a new series of papers produced by the party outlining their vision for independence.

Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater, the party’s co-leaders and the Greens’ two government ministers per their coalition deal with the SNP, will launch the papers at an event in Edinburgh on Monday.

The clock is ticking on achieving net zero, the party have said, and it is only with the “transformative potential of independence” Scotland will be able to fully play its part in tackling the climate emergency.

In a speech, Harvie is expected to say independence will give Scotland the chance to put “well-being at the heart of our economy” – an argument we revealed last month found would boost public support for Yes.

Put Scotland 'in the room' for climate action 

Slater will argue independence put Scotland “in the room” on vital discussions on tackling climate change and the shift away from fossil fuels.

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The party has said their papers are “in addition” to and not rivalling the Scottish Government papers on independence, which have so far presented voters with a model future nation more in line with smaller, progressive European countries than the UK.

The Independence: For People, For Planet will cover a range of topics, including economic matters, democracy and Scotland’s future place in Europe.

The party have kept the contents of today’s new paper under wraps – but the Greens have said they will highlight Nordic countries as potential models for an independent Scotland.

The series is also expected to make the case for a “green new deal” the party hopes can “supercharge” Scotland’s transition away from fossil fuels, without ruining communities like Aberdeen which are reliant on the oil and gas sectors.

Mark Ruskell, the Scottish Greens’ environment spokesperson, said his party has achieved some “strong” wins for the climate despite the Edinburgh government’s limited powers.

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He said: “As an emerging renewable energy superpower committed to a just transition, and with a range of progressive policies from free bus travel for under-22s, to record investments in public transport and nature solutions, we have made a strong start despite the limited powers of Holyrood.

“With independence, Scotland could ban new oil and gas fields and deliver a just transition away from fossil fuels.

“We can supercharge this shift with a green new deal which invests in our communities, our workers and our future.

“When we see world leaders lining up at COP27 to help decide the fate of our planet, it is clear that Scotland could be playing a much fuller role as an independent nation offering our support and expertise. 

“Contrast this with how Westminster is undermining global efforts with their reckless issuing of new licences for oil and gas exploitation in the North Sea against all the scientific advice for example. 

“Or the disgraceful spectacle of a new Prime Minister having to be shamed into attending COP27 because climate isn’t even on the front page of his list of priorities, never mind being top of the list as it should be. 

“There are many reasons why Scotland should be independent, but with time running out on net zero, it is clear a huge system change is needed, that can only be fully realised by using all the powers of an independent state.

“While the UK Government seeks to isolate and barricade itself from the rest of the world an independent Scotland would be well placed to join other states working together across Europe and the globe to tackle the crisis.

“Today will be our first chance to give an overview of that position as our supporters prepare for an independence referendum that puts people and planet, and the kind of progressive nation we want to be a part of, to the fore.”