ANOTHER Better Together promise has been “thrown on the scrapheap” as borrowing costs soar, say the SNP.

Back in 2014, the Tories, Labour and the LibDems assured Scottish voters that “as part of the UK we benefit from lower borrowing costs meaning lower mortgage and credit card bills”.

This pledge has now been ripped up as the Bank of England was forced to raise interest rates in the wake of skyrocketing inflation – causing mortgage rates to balloon.

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The SNP have pointed out that this is just the latest in a line of broken promises that were made to keep Scotland in the Union - referencing claims that voting No was the only guarantee of Scotland’s place in the EU, that Scotland’s north east would become a carbon capture hub and that there would be cheaper energy bills as part of the UK.

Commenting, SNP depute leader Keith Brown said that, as interest rates and mortgages continue to soar, “Scotland is facing the prospect of the longest recession on record”.

He added: “The choice could not be clearer - chaos under Westminster control or forging our own path to unleash Scotland’s potential as an independent country.

“No campaign promises from 2014 have aged like milk left out in the sun. Most, if not all of them, have been proven to be complete nonsense and it is the people of Scotland who suffer as a result as fuel, mortgage, and shopping bills skyrocket, a direct result of catastrophic economic decisions taken by Westminster.”

He went on to highlight that Scots were taken out of the EU against their will, despite being told in 2014 that a No vote was the best way to keep Scotland in the European Union.

He continued: “We were told every Scot would be £1400 better off under Westminster control but does anyone feel better off now? We were told shopping and energy bills would be cheaper in the UK, but prices keep going up and up.

“Scotland is being held back by Westminster control, with countries a similar size to Scotland outperforming the UK in several measures. They are fairer, more equal and have lower poverty rates.

“Scotland is being dragged along for the ride in broken Brexit Britain. The only way for Scotland to escape the chaos and economic disaster of the UK is by becoming an independent country.”