FIVE Scottish towns have been named in a list of the 15 most affordable places in the UK to buy a first home.

The town of Greenock in Inverclyde was ranked the most affordable, while others like Paisley and Kilmarnock were named in the top 15.

The list, which was compiled from research by Pink Storage, analysed property data, average household incomes, and the deposit needed to get on the property ladder to find the country's most affordable locations.

They used data from the property website Rightmove, payscale for salaries, and ONS data.

The storage company found 15 locations that they determined to be the most affordable in the UK.

Greenock ranked the most affordable UK town for first-time buyers

Greenock came first in Scotland and the UK, with the average deposit needed to buy a first home being around £10,288.

This compares to Derry, which came second with an average deposit of around £11,650.

The average house price in the Inverclyde town was found to be £102,882 while the average household income is £50,000, meaning that a 10% deposit would take 2 years to save for.

The National: PA - Greenock tops list of most affordable towns and citiesPA - Greenock tops list of most affordable towns and cities (Image: PA)

Other Scottish locations among the most affordable for first-time buyers

Four other locations across Scotland were ranked among the most affordable.

Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire

Coatbridge in North Lanarkshire was found to be Scotland and UK's 2nd and 4th most affordable location.

The average deposit needed was found to be around £13,311.

Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire

The large town of Kilmarnock is the 9th most affordable in the UK and the 3rd in Scotland with an average deposit of around £13,958.

Paisley, Renfrewshire

Paisley, which is Scotland's largest town outside of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, and Aberdeen, ranked 10th in the UK and 4th in Scotland.

The average deposit was found to be around £13,968.

Glenrothes, Fife

Glenrothes in Central Fife is ranked 11th and 5th in the UK and Scotland with an average deposit of around £13,985.

The full list of the most affordable towns and cities for first-time buyers in the UK

Here are the 15 most affordable towns and cities for first-time buyers in the UK according to research by Pink Storage:

  1. Greenock (£10,288)
  2. Derry (£11,650)
  3. Bootle (£12,125)
  4. Coatbridge (£13,311)
  5. Birkenhead (£13,329)
  6. Burnley (£13,344)
  7. Jarrow (£13,543)
  8. Kingston upon Hull (£13,786)
  9. Kilmarnock (£13,958)
  10. Paisley (£13,968)
  11. Glenrothes (13,985)
  12. Grimsby (13,998)
  13. Blyth (£14,151)
  14. Leicester (£14,197)
  15. Hartlepool (£14,202)