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The cost-of-living crisis is the public’s number-one concern and that is why our offer exists. Scotland needs the movement to stay reliably informed and motivated through the next year of campaigning.

Our year-long subscription offer will only be available until 4pm on Friday.


We know not everyone is able to pay for news. We know you don’t even have to anymore – social media keeps you up to date and covered on that front. But what about the stories that slip through the cracks? Or the news most national media is happy to ignore?

We cover the stories no one else does. We provide a space for the people who are actively changing our country for the better when no one else is. Your support is vital to ensure our coverage and campaign reaches everyone, especially now, when it’s needed most.

One of the most important things we believe in is connecting with soft no’s and undecided voters – so this is a great chance to flag this offer up to them, too.

When there’s a major event in Scottish or UK politics, we’d invite you to compare our fast, thorough coverage to other Scottish titles to see exactly why a subscription is so worth it.

With a subscription, you gain access to our analysis, in-depth reports, breaking news coverage as well as art, history and literature pieces from some of the most talented writers in Scotland.

Additionally, we’ve upped our reporting on grassroots independence activity, because we want to both assist in a positive campaign and support Yes groups. With your help, we can all evolve the campaign for indyref2.

That is where our pay-what-you-can-afford offer comes in.

We aim to show readers your events. Your stalls. Your campaigning. Your hubs. The “how to” of taking the Yes campaign up a notch.

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You can also discover new activism ideas within the Yes movement. You can hear what voters are thinking about from Melrose to Bressay.

So, join the effort by subscribing through our pay-what-you-can-afford offer.