A TORY MSP has been slammed for a comment she made about the “SNP one-party state”.  

Speaking on BBC’s Debate Night, Tess White was asked about the scenes in Dundee on Monday evening when youths hurled fireworks in the streets. 

The Tory MSP said: “I think there are bigger issues going on in Dundee, you know it’s the drug death capital of Europe, it’s the SNP one-party state.”

Panellist Alistair Heather then told White that Dundee was a “good city” and a “good place to live” before the MSP was pressed on the impact of the fireworks themselves. 

She said: “My personal view, I’m an animal lover and I know that fireworks, I’ve had so many people write to me and ask me if we can go further.”

SNP MP John Nicolson responded to White’s comments on Twitter, labelling them “offensive”. 

He said: “So offensive when Scottish Tory MPs refer to our flourishing multi-party democracy as a ‘one party state’. 

“What they mean is they keep losing elections and it infuriates them. 

“Deeply disrespectful also to folk who suffer in real ‘one party states.’ Try living in Belarus. #bbcdn.”

Other Twitter users also reacted to the comment with one saying: “A one party state! That’s some brass neck the Tory has saying that about another party, a party that has had how many different PM in how many months?” 

White is a representative for the North East Scotland region, something Councillor Cal-Johnston Dempsey picked up on on social media. 

He said: “Surprised that Tess White thinks Dundee is an SNP ‘one-party state’ given she is a Tory that represents the city. #bbcdn.”

Although Dundee City Council is led by an SNP majority, there are still a number of other representatives from both Labour and the Conservatives.